Monthly Archives: April 2016

One-day design comp

As a one-day lab in 201, we were given an image of a website and told to go make a design comp in teams of two; basically a day of pair programming. It made me think our instructor really has a pizza thing considering after pizza 3001 we went right into a chocolate pizza design comp. Our task was to replicate an image of a website as best we could. That turned out to be “pretty well” in my opinion! Continue reading One-day design comp

Pizza 3001: Our Last, Best Hope

Our second 201 project was to create a pizza shop. Not just any pizza shop, but Pizza 3001 – A cheese odyssey from the future. I’m not making that up.

At the start of the week, this was an introduction to javascript object literals – lots of them. Copy and paste, change a value, copy and paste, change a value, rinse, repeat. But in just a few days, we went from object literals to constructors and working on the prototype – and from static, predefined data to user-provided dynamic data. Hundreds of lines of manually defined javascript became, well, a lot fewer lines and a whole lot more functionality. It’s almost like they wanted us to learn exactly how valuable constructors are. Answer: Very. Continue reading Pizza 3001: Our Last, Best Hope