Monthly Archives: June 2016

Flexbox Froggy

I first learned about Flexbox Froggy quite a while ago – it’s a wonderful resource for both learning what flex can do and as a resource for remembering a specific flex property. Sure, a site like CSS-Tricks has a great flexbox article which I refer to just about every time I work with flex, but sometimes you just need to put some frogs on lilypads. I saw it in my bookmarks earlier today and ran through some of the exercises again. #24 is still pretty intense for how it works – and works without class-specific order rules, which is incredibly impressive in my book. Continue reading Flexbox Froggy

Code 201 Final Project: Welcome to Seattle

The final week of Code 201 was essentially a small hackathon: Taking everything you’ve learned (and anything you’re willing to learn quickly), make a project concept, model the domain, and then, as a team, build it. I worked on a team building a Welcome to Seattle web app, answering the first question any potential resident would ask themselves. Where should I live?

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