Sugar, Sugar

I subscribe to the CodePen Spark newsletter and a neat three.js pen caught my eye. I was just talking to someone who’s working with three, and figured it’d be a great opportunity to take a look myself.

Nat Cooper’s project walkthrough is from the monthly Creative Coding Club challenge, and I think it’s a really good example for several reasons.

The walkthrough was well written, easy to follow, and involved sparkly objects. Attention-getting and useful? Great combination! The walkthrough links to and expects you to read some three.js docs – this was good, because I found those very helpful as well, and learned a lot more about three than just what I applied in making sugar crystals. I had no major problems with three.js with the help of the docs and the example code from the walkthrough.

My copy of the code is on my Github repo, and I hosted it on Github pages. I hosted on Github instead of building it on Codepen like the example for two reasons – so I could extend it later and so I could stick with my known dev environment. It wasn’t a big deal at all to make a Github version instead of Codepen – a few lines of HTML (the three docs helped here) and that’s that.