Monthly Archives: November 2015

How many minutes for a blog post?

At least for my organization, four minutes.

Several weeks ago, I was reading an article about iPhone 6+ display scaling and the author prefaced the main body of the content by saying “And, I’ve reduced this article from 14-min reading into less than 6-min reading. My target was 3-min reading.

I thought to myself – I wonder how many minutes my company’s blog posts take to read? How many does our audience want to give to a particular post? Is my organization meeting their needs by producing articles that can be read in the time they’re willing to give us? I set out to find out – if I could. Continue reading How many minutes for a blog post?

Agile in the unlikeliest of places

Two weeks ago, several of my friends and I – who play a cooperative videogame together – were a little frustrated with some changes made with no warning by the developers. We didn’t understand why they made them (they never communicated a clear goal or process or … anything, really) and we certainly didn’t like many of them invalidating previously useful pieces of equipment and strategies and so on, without giving us new, similarly effective stuff. It was, more or less, a global nerf. To a free product, that’s one thing, but to a product people paid money for? And to a product with many, many DLC items people paid more money for? A no-warning, no-explanation global balance change was awful.

On the other hand, the developers helpfully left the entire code to change everything in unencrypted lua, and the clients trust the local lua … so if we modified the values and all ran with the same code, we’d all experience the same balance. Security? What’s that? But convenient for our purposes.

After reading a lot of community complaints about the changes, I thought “…I can do this. I can make this.” So I took it upon myself to redo the balance values, distribute a lua override file to my friends, and for us, at least, we’re playing the game we want to play. It wasn’t until I was having what amounted to an impromptu standup over VOIP that I realized …we’re basically doing agile videogame modding. Continue reading Agile in the unlikeliest of places

Website Redesign Lessons Learned

In late 2014, I went into a … well, not crunch, but let’s say an extended period of head-down development and content migration for a much-needed new website redesign at my employer. My organization started the website redesign project in July 2013 and we  launched a new one on January 23, 2015. Switching the A-record that afternoon was one exciting moment … mostly because we weren’t sure the website was going to work.

That’s always comforting, right? Continue reading Website Redesign Lessons Learned