Weekly Website #2

Okay, maybe a little longer than a week – both of us were busy all of a sudden with work, but we got this done several days ago. I’ll just say two words: “content migration.”

Week 2’s website is a mock customer service form.

We used custom image/CSS-based form inputs, several types of form elements, and jqueryUI for the accordion. I’ve worked with jqueryUI quite regularly at work, but we usually use a pre-existing theme. This time I rolled my own theme after ThemeRoller couldn’t quite get me close enough. In a moment of serendipity, just a couple days ago at work I got a request to change a page in development – to remove the outline on selection (click, in this case) with a jqueryUI tab. I fixed that at work and then sat down to continue working on weekly website #2 on the weekend and … hey, waiiiiiiit a minute, I need to get rid of that outline on click here too. Convenient!

Building on some lessons learned last week, this time we’re using Trello to do development tracking and bug tracking. I like it – mostly because I can put image “stickers” on every item. Rocket ships may feature heavily in the “finished” category. It helped in practical terms as well; I had a lot fewer “hey, can you fix this …” notes this time around. But let’s be honest – rocket stickers.

Beyond Trello and better organization on my end, it’s pretty straightforward. We’re thinking of adding some more features to this in the future just like the first week; probably validation that makes fun of ridiculous validation requirements.